Simply have a look at the last 25 years or so and believe the same will happen again.

With that thought in mind, ensure you buy new  investment property within your financial capacity and look at the investment on a 25 year timeframe. If you are looking to sell sooner than that, you will definitely be missing out on the top layer of capital gain. A quick mathematical calculation shows $400,000 x 100% (capital gain) = $800,000 property value and $800,000 x 100 % capital gain = $1,600,000 in property value.Over a 25 year timeline, it will not be unusual to achieve a capital gain of as much as $1.0 Million on an initial outlay of $400,000. History points to the fact that this will happen to most well maintained property in a popular locality in eastern Australia. If you sell after 10-15 years your gain will be more like $400,000 - $500,000. Wait and achieve a more substantial return.
Yes residential property will increase in value. Look at London, New York, Munich, Moscow, Paris or Sydney.
If in real doubt ask anybody who has owned property for around 25 years and compare the then to now value of their real estate assets.
It is almost with utmost certainty an investor will benefit significantly from residential investment property, particularly in the Brisbane and surrounding regions. Essentially, all factors seems to point to the fact that properties will be affordable and rentable to a majority of the population for the foreseeable future in South East Queensland.
Let us not forget, an investor can easily achieve $3-$5 Million of property  in today's value with little cash outlay.
No need to get excited about freightening value swings or vacancies-  just relax in the knowledge that here in the Sunshine State over a generation,  property value gains will be realized. Applying good, basic criteria will ensure continual capital injection will not be required.
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10 Steps to significant personal asset improvement in 2018


1. Buy Property in Brisbane

2. Seek help from Marshall Property Corp

3 - 10. Repeat steps 1 -2




Some Of Our Properties


Learn from the Past.

Why Bother?

Take time to read a very small, very short book called

The Richest man in Bablyon - George S Clason.

            Bablyon became the wealthiest city of the ancient world because the Bablyonians planned

and utilized the wonders of compound interest to provide incomes for the future.


Plan for the Future

Why buy new?

Some benefits include:

A new property will attract tenants at the highest rental

Mostly the property is ready to rent at settlement of the completed dwelling

Taxation benefits are available for construction and fixtures and fittings

Maintenance will be at a minimum for the initial period of ownership

Initial Capital Gain will be in line with the market and then move from a sound base

The investment property will most likely be surrounded by other new property with inherent benefits

Apartments, townhouses and house and land are all a matter of personal choice and financial capacity

Capital gain on a city fringe apartment, a townhouse 10 kilometres from the CBD and house and land 20 kilometres from the CBD will more or less average out over the investment life time of 25 years.

Suffice to say you will be wondering would it be better to own an apartment, a townhouse or house and land?

No need to tie yourself in knots looking for the perfect investment opportunity.

At Marshall Property Corp, we can assist investors locate new property suitable for long term investment..

We specilaize in sourcing new properties in Brisbane and surrounds and

have associated links to enable us to source new property in NSW and Victoria.

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